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Most people have heard of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and even hot stone massage, but the latest technique to sweep the nation is Thai massage therapy. If you have been thinking about trying Thai massages in Redding, CA, come and see the professionals at Hilltop Massage today! 


Our massage therapists are state licensed and certified to perform our therapeutic services. When you step into our establishment, the first thing you’ll notice is the serene atmosphere and the cleanliness. We strive to make your experience as relaxing as possible. Once you enter the room for your chair massage or Thai full body massage, you can expect what will perhaps be the best massage of your life; you’ll feel invigorated and leave happy! 


Thai massage therapy involves the therapist pushing your body into yoga-like poses that lengthen your muscles and help work out the tension. During the session, which lasts between one and two hours, we will also pull on your knuckles, toes, and ears, which will help to stimulate and energize you. Other benefits include: 


  • Relaxation 

  • Reduces Stress 

  • Improves Circulation 

  • Increases Flexibility 

  • Improves Your Range of Motion 


Even though we are not a traditional doctor’s office, keep in mind that it is still important that we have your medical history. Thai massage is not recommended for some people, including those with rashes or open wounds, those who have just had surgery, and those who are prone to blood clots. You should always check with your doctor before scheduling any type of massage. 


Once you’ve decided that Thai massage is right for you and your doctor clears you for the therapy, call the professionals here at Hilltop Massage in Redding, CA. We are available seven days a week!

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