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Doula Shelley of Metamorphosis Massage Therapy & Doula Care

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Shelley Giambastiani, CMP, of Metamorphosis Massage Therapy & Doula Care, offers Therapeutic Pregnancy Massage and Swedish Massage in a private suite inside The Hilltop Massage. for muscle health, pain & stress management. As a State Certified Swedish Massage Practitioner, she has applied her natural gifting and talent to receive hundreds of hours of training in many massage techniques at The San Francisco School of Massage since 2000.

Shelley incorporates her additional medical studies in the structural changes during pregnancy to provide comfort during the prenatal time, reduce edema and to prepare your body for labor and delivery. Using a combination of intuition, specific techniques, and sensitivity she customizes your massage to address your increased need at this special time.

Massage services offered in a private suite inside The Hilltop Massage : New Client 1 Hr Massage $ 49 Pregnancy 1 Hr Massage $ 65 ($50 when included in Doula Care package)


When providing Doula Care, Shelley’s blends her medical and massage knowledge with the multifaceted training from The Doula Alliance to focus her nurturing, care-giving skills and practical wisdom to provide excellent Birth and Postpartum Doula Care to the Redding area for Newborn Families.

Massage Doula services in her Office:
Postpartum Therapeutic Massage to release muscle tension, reduce pain and edema after delivery. Offers education on healthy body recovery techniques.

Postpartum Doula – to – Family services in Your Home:
Encourages and Educates on Newborn Care topics such as:
• Breastfeeding or bottle feeding assistance
• Swaddling, dressing, diapering and bathing techniques
• Babywearing and co-sleeping information
• Infant massage for colic and sleep improvement
• Infant calming and stimulation techniques
• Techniques to promote family bonding
• Provide information about parental peer support & community resources
Encourages and Assists Siblings to
• Bond with the newborn
• Define their new role in the family
• Design personal goals for self-reliance
Educates on Household Management ideas for
• Meal planning, preparation and storage
• Task and space organization for all family members

Massage Doula fees: $65 per hour ($50 if combined with Doula Care Packages)
Postpartum Doula fees: Consultation 90 mins. $37.50, Home services $25 hourly
Doula Care Packages: Three visits $88, Five visits $138, Seven visits $188

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